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Veteran Owned & Operated

John in Kabul, Afghanistan


Your feedback

We are always interested in hearing from the families that we serve.  Please take a moment to let us know how well we served you in your time of need. We very much appreciate your feedback.

I truly am so grateful with Maher funeral home. Eric, truly from the very start took the time to explain everything through our heartache. Every single detail and care done to help my family with my father service and cremation. I want to thank everyone at Maher for every single moment of help to plan my father service through such a difficult time. Thank you Eric and Josh for all kind words and support. My family was very grateful and will recommend always.

Maria Martinez
February 17, 2024

Eric, I want to thank you for the lovely service for Bob last week. I appreciate all your help, support and guidance throughout this process. And also my thanks to Josh who was very helpful and patient and to John and all at Mahers. Thanks very much.

December 22, 2023

We used Maher when my mother in law passed. The funeral home walked us through each of the steps and answered our questions quickly. The facility was clean and updated and a lot less depressing than others in the area. The employees were compassionate and very understanding when we asked for her twin sister to come in early for a private visit. They made sure she had the privacy she needed to say her goodbyes. The reception area is bright and well lighted you did not feel the gloom one often feels with a funeral home. It was a much better experience then when we had our Father in another funeral home.

Rusty S.
December 12, 2023

Obviously when we are going through the loss of a loved one, the LAST thing we should have to deal with or worry about is dealing with shady or incompetent people at the funeral home. The guys at Maher funeral home did such an amazing job helping our grieving family through the entire process and helped us organize a moving and truly classic wake, service and tribute that was so beautiful I know my Mom was looking down from heaven with a smile on her face. They were professional, caring and went above and beyond from beginning to end. Very reasonable cost and even added beautiful extra flowers that we didn't ask for at their own expense. They made this experience as easy and comforting as possible and really helped our family feel like we did our very best memorializing our loved one.

David D.
December 12, 2023

Maher Funeral Home was our TOP choice because of their outstanding staff, beautiful facility and the compassion expressed helping us prepare for my mother-in-law's passing. They provided excellent service during her wake including setting up our video tribute to her. We buried her out of state and they coordinated the travel logistics with the TN funeral home at their expense. John Maher and his staff go above and beyond what you pay for at other funeral homes because of their compassion for people. We will forever be in their debt for the kindness that was extended to us. They are absolutely the BEST!

December 12, 2023

So for starters. I am new to Illinois and currently homeless/living in my car. I am/was on the move trying to get a Illinois I.d so I could get some help out here. In order for me to do that I had to get some paperwork notarized in order to get a I.d as a homeless person. I went to several places that stated they did notary's online after going to several banks and being turned away because I was not a customer or being told it would cost an insane amount of money because I'm not a customer and then calling a currency exchange and being told come on in its 5 bucks for a notary I went to my nearest one and was informed that they do not do notary's at majority of currency locations. It was a long day. After explaining to these banks what I needed notarized and receiving judgmental looks and rude service by the time I got to currency I was an emotional wreck. And felt like the world was against me. The guy there suggested I try the Maher funeral home across the street. So with what energy I had left I went over there walked in with my head down fully expecting to be turned away or treated with the same judgement I had all day. I walked in and a bright eyed sweet lady approached me her name was jan and she was so nice and understanding to me she talked to me and actually listened to me when I explained my situation. I felt heard. Then Eric came in. He was the nicest man and most understanding man I've ever encountered. So to make a long story short not only did they notarize my paperwork without charge. They asked if I was hungry. They warmed me up some pizza and talked to me for a few mins. By this time it was past 3 pm and I explained I had to be to the dmv by 4 for my scheduled apt all the way in Chicago heights. So while Eric warmed up my pizza jam ran around the building and put together an bag of waters and snacks and anything she could find really. And those things helped me so much being in a hot car with no money and no help I was brought to tears by the kindness of these people and couldn't believe it. I was so emotionally overwhelmed by there understanding and kindness. Before I left Eric allowed me to give him a hug and he said he understood and had been in a similar situation when he was younger and he gave me some money as well. I tried to insist him take it back but he would not take no for an answer. I had not felt such kindness in my entire time in Illinois being homeless. I am more fortunate than most because I do have a car at least. But just to be treated kindly without judgement and to feel human and cared for was a very amazing feeling to say the absolute least! And when I left Jan walked me to my car witch I felt a bit embarrassed being that it's filled with blankets and pillows and a tent and isn't the cleanest. I still felt no judgement and she was so kind still. I want to thank Eric and Jan again for there kindness and when I'm in a better position I know I will go in there and repay there kindness somehow... but that's my story and I just wanted to tell anyone that if you need anything relating to funeral services or even a notary this is the place to go! I could not express enough how kind and understanding they are and how they deserve all the blessings in the world!
And I'm happy to say I made it to my appointment and I got my paper Illinois I.d! I couldn't of done it without them!

Thanks again Eric and Jan
Hope to see you again soon in a better position
Bless you both!
From Paige!

December 12, 2023

I cannot say enough great things about Maher. In March, we planned my Aunt's services with Maher and, little did we know, we would be back to plan three additional funerals in the same year. Eric Hoffman was a joy to work with and made everything so easy for us. He was compassionate during our toughest moments and always made us feel like it was OK to mourn. He was readily available, responsive, caring and helpful. I felt like I could text Eric anytime and he never made me feel bad about reaching out; he made a very painful time much easier to navigate. We even met his partner Jan and she has become a part of our family! We love them all and thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so very much and God Bless!

Tiffany H.
December 12, 2023

Our family has buried 4 immediate family members in 2023. Our first experience with Maher was in March when my Aunt passed away. She specifically said she wanted to have her wake at Maher when she passed. So to honor her wishes, that is what our family did. It turned out that was the best decision she could have made. Since March we have been back for 3 more wakes. One in July for my Uncle, and two in November for my Dad and my Grandma. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Eric Hoffman. He is trustworthy, kind, compassionate and truly wants to help the families he serves. His partner Jan has now become an honorary member of our family. The funeral home is beautiful, and Eric's attention to every small detail is unmatched. Even though we met under awful circumstances, I couldn't be more grateful to Eric and Jan for walking this road with us and making things just a little easier.
We would absolutely recommend Maher to anyone.

Melissa S.
December 12, 2023

I just want to send my praise and thanks to Maher Funeral! The funeral home itself was amazing from its decor to cleanliness. The decor is a nice way to take a minute on the rough days ahead. Grief is hard and comes in waves so it was nice to have the amazing artwork/decor to get distracted in and gather myself. Eric (Hermann) was there the days I was, he is beyond kind, patient, and attentive. I was there the day before dropping off item he was there every step of the way, and not in a over bearing way. He landed his hand, ears, and heart! My grandmother was already in the room so I couldn't walk through the room that way he noticed I was taking the long way. I told him I can't see her today, I have too much too do. As he looks at me he realizes I'm the "running around person" so personally if I saw her then I would no longer be any help that day, I would be lost in my feels. He talked to me about how great my grandmother looked, he took couple long trips around the place with me since again I couldn't cut thru the room. Now fast forward to the day, he is right there ready to help get cars lined up and already getting stickers on vehicles. He greeted me (everyone) with a hello and asked if I was ready to see her today. As he stops what he is doing a walks me to the room she was in. I said well I'm in the room but I'll go speak to her after I set up. He suggested doing it before everyone got there so I can take my time. So that that covers Eric kindness and attentiveness. Eric's patience just radiates truly that he loves what he does! All he puts into it is from the heart and truly wanting to make everyone's day as easy as possible. Our family had some moments of bickering amongst each other and probably even some rudeness thrown his way. His demeanor never changed even when I would apologize for something he always came back with grief is handled differently by everyone and I sometimes have to be people's "punching bag, I don't take it personally. It's a hard day for all!" I said hell no, that doesn't derve being rude especially with how nice you've been. I said "I'm the normal one and if he needed anything to see me" it became our joke that he may possible think my name is "normal one"! Hahaaa! So besides raving about the service, the Maher funeral home itself, I had to rave about Eric!!! It's really takes an army to run a business from the big man on top to the little man and all between, Maher Funeral Home has covered it all and I would strongly recommend them because without Eric and that funeral home itself (decor) I don't know if I would have got thru the day. There is so much more I can say but I think I'll end it with that!

August 19, 2022

When my 48 yr. old son passed away, I was out of state. I had to fly in to take care of arrangements. Maher Funeral Home was suggested to me because of the military service to veterans. My son was a Retired Marine. When my family & I walked in the door, we knew we had made the right choice for my son. We were received warmly by Eric & toured the facilities. Everything was just what we needed for a Military send off. Eric thoroughly explained what was involved including the Marine flag folding presentation & playing of Taps. He covered the costs & there was never any pressure to add this or that. Eric handled everything with great dignity for me & my family. My son's wakes were held & John made his Marine uniform look outstanding. The flower arrangements we ordered in red, white & blue complimented the Marine theme. Eric & John checked with us & whatever we needed, they made sure it was taken care of immediately. We had many comments from family & friends on how well things were handled & how well everything looked. I am truly gratefully to Eric & John for the comfort & level of professionalism they extended to me & my family at this time.

Kathy Angerhofer Olsen
November 23, 2021

I want to let Ginger (especially) and of course every little light that ever shined in Virginia"s light. She was what I knew as a mother. We only knew Virginia many times from afar.We were sitting wth Ginger one winter day. She had brought some photos from a fun weekend with her favorite skiing pal..guess who that was..Yes, not Ginger's youngsters in the was her mom.She was skiing like she had done it many times...No, here she was coming down the mountain with grace and speed. Another time I saw and heard (that showed Ginger) had been speaking to her boys...and this is a happening that still fills the air. Not more than a couple of years...Ed was in a parking garage trying to park his car. Ed was behind a young couple.As the driver exited the car, he was in the process of looking at us as to say.(sorry I took so much time). I also looked at the driver of the car. (now it was years since I had seen Mike Gaffney...the same for his wife. But, a beautiful happening. The driver of the car. looked at me (still far away). But those beautiful eyes looked at me..and this young man said. "HI DEWSKI"...I can't tell you how those words sounded to me.
These are just two "small" instances where a mom's teaching stayed with a child. Michael was only 2 years of age when he heard and learned our last name. A small gesture..but I still love those boys...and I love that when I see and hear Michael and Kevin....How many of you..have memories that only a mom and her children....I'm sure that their GRANDMA has so many of memories filled with love. I'm a grandma,,,but I will still try to be the mom and Grandma everyday. Thank You, Grandma of the Kevin and Michael, but most of all,I thank Ginger..I have never know a daughter like Ginger.Sacrifice,but mixed with love..Again,Thanks to Ginger.. Ed and linda

Ed and Linda Ladewski
September 16, 2021

While I (thankfully) don't have an abundance of experience with funeral homes, I honestly think Maher Funeral Home gave us one of the best experiences our family could have possibly had. From our first interactions with them, they went above and beyond to answer every question (often repeated questions!) with patience and grace. Eric and John were so wonderful at handling both the details and us during our grief. They provided a professionalism that prevented us from fretting, and a warmth that made a very difficult process easier. From a personal anecdote, I can confidently say they truly cannot be surprised or shaken in their role...the morning of my father's procession, we met at the funeral home and my 6 year old son wasn't feeling well. He got very sick all over the home and John truly didn't even skip a beat; he took it in complete stride, despite how mortified I was! The smile and warmth never left his face! They were absolutely amazing, from start to finish. In your great time of grief, know that your loved one will be honored here, and you'll be genuinely cared for.

Michelle Kupferschmid
July 29, 2021

I want to give a very heart-felt and sincere Thank You to John and Eric for giving my father a final funeral service that was so incredibly beautiful. The Funeral Home itself doesn't feel like a funeral home. It's extremely warm and inviting with comfortable sitting areas and a library/military motif. It's a place you feel instantly comfortable in. Jon and Eric made this difficult process so much easier with their knowledge and warm demeanor. There was not a single question we asked that they didn't know. Their knowledge goes beyond what's needed. When we processed John signaled traffic and saluted to my dad as we drove by. It made me feel so proud that my dad was getting such a wonderful and respectful send off. I couldn't recommend them more. Top-Notch class all around. I couldn't have written it any better. The pain and loss I feel is so much less because of what a remarkable and wonderful service my dad had. That gives me much comfort moving forward. These guys are the absolute best. USE THEM!!!

Neil Vandenberg
June 23, 2021

I want to give a very genuine and heart-felt THANK YOU to John and Eric for giving my father such a beautiful final service. Everything was incredibly top-notch. The funeral home itself is so beautiful, warm and inviting. It doesn't seem like a funeral home. The library atmosphere, the wonderful military theme and the very decorative and comfortable furniture made this feel like somewhere you actually want to hang out in. John and Eric made the process so smooth and efficient. Not only were they extremely knowledgeable on all things but they both have such a genuine caring personality. They made us feel so comfortable and taken care of in our time of great loss. There wasn't a single question they weren't able to answer and help with. They both have knowledge and expertise over and above what's needed. They presented my father and his last service in the most respectful and classy way. When we left the home in the procession John directed traffic and saluted my father as he passed. It was such a warm and proud moment to see my Dad honored in such a way. I literally could not have written a more perfect service for my Dad. I would recommend Maher Funeral home for sure. Top-Notch class all around.

Neil Vandenberg
June 23, 2021

I don't even know where to begin to convey how much I appreciate all the care and concern I (and my son and daughter) received while planning the funeral for my husband. Facing the most difficult time in my life, both Eric and John showed so much compassion and caring, they helped me get through this process, not to mention taking care of all the details needing to be done. They were patient, respectful, and responsive to all my questions while I navigated this unknown territory. When John did our estate planning five years ago, we were impressed with his knowledge and expertise, as well as his personal stories. After touring the funeral home, my husband and I decided this was the place we wanted for our services when the time came. Sadly the time came too soon. But we were proven correct in our decision, it was the perfect place for family and friends to gather together to celebrate my dearest husband's life. The chapel, the lobby, and the refreshment area were beautiful and so comfortable. We received so many compliments on this beautiful facility, even down to the fact that the coffee was delicious (again, attention to detail)! Without hesitation, I would most highly recommend Maher Funeral Home for your loved ones' services. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Kathy Vandenberg
June 14, 2021

Thanks to John and Eric for making a very difficult and painful time for our family in the loss of our beloved youngest brother a little less painful, by providing their compassionate, heartfelt and personalized service as we worked through planning his funeral arrangements. They handled every detail, exceeding our expectations and anticipating our needs, always sensitive and respectful of our wishes and offering helpful recommendations when we needed them. They could not have done a better job and we highly recommend their services. Thank you.

Judy Musso
June 4, 2021

I highly recommend Maher Funeral Home. My family and I feel that Eric and John went above and beyond to help us at a very hard time. They worked with us and answered all our questions. Also, made sure everything was done to our satisfaction. We had an excellent/beautiful service for my husband. I couldn’t have asked for better people to help us. Thank you!

May 28, 2021

I just wanted to say thank you to Maher funeral especially to Eric . We had lost both our twin babies in a week and Eric helped us with the arrangements . It was hard for us and the hospitality we received was greatly appreciated . The arrangements that we had were really nice again thankyou so much for helping us

Robert & Dalila Hall
March 16, 2021

Our most profound thanks to the Maher Funeral Home staff for their professionalism, courtesy and comfort during the recent loss of our beloved father, grandfather and great-grandfather Donald O. Smith. Their services during our loss was exemplary, the facility beautiful, warm and welcoming and made our final time with Dad an enduring cherished memory. When we lost our loving Mother, Mary, just a little over a year ago, we turned to Maher not knowing the firm but quickly determined that we made the right, and only, choice. At the time, Dad was pleased with Mom's arrangements. He quickly concluded Maher to be his choice when his time came. He would have been pleased with his decision and we are certain Mom & Dad are both smiling down as to the cherished remembrances we all have.

The Family of Donald O. & Mary C. Smith

Donald C. Smith on behalf of The Smith Family
February 13, 2021

We lost our dad Thanksgiving week and we knew dad would want a funeral home that had integrity and demonstrated respect for Veterans. We could not have been happier with our choice of Maher funeral home. John was absolutely wonderful and the entire staff took care of every detail. My mom was so relieved as were we. We all were so impressed with how nice everything was and again how every detail was carefully considered. We were able to focus on saying our goodbyes without worrying about all the details.
Thank you John and your entire staff. As a veteran, my dad would have been so proud!

Laura Carlson
December 31, 2020

Words can not express how much my family appreciated the entire staff (family) that is Maher Funeral Home. From the day our mom passed to the day she was laid to rest Maher went above and beyond accommodating our families every wish. Thank you.

Jennifer (Deuser) Jones
November 23, 2020

Where do I begin to express how much gratitude my family has for Phil and Uncle Bob. The most compassionate and wonderful men. You all opened up your home to us but also your hearts. The hardest task I thought I would ever have to do in life is making sure my Mother had beautiful service for all of us to send her home to the Lord. Maher family stepped right up in this trying times and made all my worries disappear. Took every crazy phone call at all times of the day and made everything work out. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart that you came into our lives just when everything was falling apart and made us comfortable and at peace. May you continue to bless other families and may God continue to bless you all.

Joanne Trevino
August 28, 2020

Dear Phil and Uncle Bob,
Maher Funeral Home you are a gift to our community. Thank you for being there for us especially our Veterans. Feeling lost. The moment I made contact with Uncle Bob I instantly felt comforted.
The visitation and church service were elegant. Thank you for securing the Tinley Park VFW Honor Guard and his burial at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery with full military honors. You all somehow made this sad time a celebration. God Bless all of you for such a wonderful memory.

Lillian Esolato
March 2, 2020

There wasn't a doubt in my mind I would call on Phil in that moment, keeping him in mind for my aging parents but needing to call on him for my dear teenage son instead. Having Phil, Uncle Bob and the staff from Maher guide our family through this difficult process has given us the steady, reliable support that we needed. Any challenge we saw was met with tenderness and the professional skill that only they would know how to address. They worked so well with our supportive friends and family when I simply couldn't fathom what minute details needed addressing. Our family will forever be grateful for their assistance. They have a special place in my heart.

Ericka Swanson
October 12, 2019

Words cannot express the love, admiration and appreciation my family and I have for Phil and Uncle Bob. Our family was hit with 2 deaths (Both Grandparents within weeks of each other; married 43 years) and the level of care and detail that Maher offered was beyond my wildest expectations. The professionalism and the beauty of the place and the people go a long way, especially during a difficult time. Any request that was made and/or question, was answered promptly. I have interacted with many in this line of work and no one; I mean NO ONE compares to this place. You family will be treated with the upmost level of care and respect and no stone will be left un-turned. I have said Thank you many times, but that just doesn’t do it justice. If you are looking for a place to handle your loved one’s home going services, this is a place I put my full trust and faith in. They also offer pre-arrangements (which I also recommend) for those who do not have any plans in place.

Nikiya Little
August 20, 2019

Uncle Bob and Phil, we are sincerely grateful to the Maher family who have given us so much support and comfort during our time of loss. Thank you for your kind words and gentle smiles.

Gary Brach and Family
March 1, 2019

I would like to thank the Maher funeral and the sincere staff for making our family welcomed and loved. They where passionate and understanding on what our family was going threw with the lost of our Mom. They made my mom look so beautiful like a peaceful angel.The entire staff made everything smooth and at ease so we didn't have to worry about anything and we could grieve the lost of our loved one.Maher funeral home is filled with a lot of life and love! When I walked into this funeral home I just fell in love with the warm look layout and amazing lighting and knew my loved one would have loved this place. I am so pleased at this place and the phenominal staff! I am so blessed to have met great people during this hard time. Huge thank you to the Maher Funeral home and great staff.

Caponigro Family
February 14, 2019

Dear Maher Funeral Home, It was a real pleasure to work together with you on my sister's Be's funeral. My sister was ill for a very long time. Be was a special woman, sister and aunt. She was very important to all her extended family. When someone in your family passes the intense love you feel for that person gets mixed in with grief and sorrow. You almost cannot function. This happened to me, but because I contacted the Maher Funeral Home this somehow seemed manageable. What a difference that made, you helped me so much. If I thought of it you had already taken care of it. You took care of everything and you did it with perfection. My family and I will be eternally greatful to all of you. The Maher Family will forever have our hearts.

Virginia R. Mondragon
January 21, 2019

Thank you so much for the services you provided for my wife Diane. Thank you for the opportunity you gave our family and friends to pay their respects. As you may have noticed Diane had many family and friends that had a special relationship with her. Your generosity gave us one last kiss goodbye. God Bless all of you.

David and Rachel Richter
January 12, 2019

Thank you Phil, Uncle Bob, Allen and Diane!
I never thought I would be planning a funeral for my father during the holidays. Being heart broken and having to make arrangements I didn’t know where to start. I walked into Maher Funeral Home and a few others in the Tinley Park area. I have to say no other funeral home or staff compares to Maher. As we walked thru the door Uncle Bob greeted us with a warm welcome and was very attentive to our needs. He showed us around this beautiful, well lit, modern funeral home that doesn’t feel depressing. Being an emotional and difficult time in our lives Maher really took charge and made me feel like I didn’t have to worry about anything. Phil and staff took care of every detail making it easy for us. I highly recommend Maher Funeral Home - they truly honor a life well lived.

Maria M
January 3, 2019

Dear Phil, Uncle Bob, Alan and Staff,
On behalf of the Vergara family, thank you for the support that you all have given to us for our Dad's final arrangements. From the time my sister in law Michelle called until the time we picked up our Father's cremains, you have provided us with such wonderful customer service. You made us feel welcomed and understood this difficult process that a family goes through. I felt like our families have been good family friends for years. As I previously mentioned many family and friends were very impressed with the Maher Funeral Home. They appreciated that it didn't feel like one. Thank you for making this a smooth process and taking such good care of us and our Dad.
The Vergara Family.

Lucia Vergara
October 27, 2018

Our family will be forever grateful for the professionalism, organization, attention to detail and compassion in handling the arrangements for our father, During a time of grief there are important issues which you may tend to overlook, but Maher didn't. All commented on what a beautiful devotion to my dad. And we truly appreciated the shared pride of Veteran's in providing my dad with a military farewell that would have made him so proud. Finally, after all was over I needed Maher's assistance with a few issues. All of my requests and questions were answered promptly- they didn't just forget us. Although sad, our last day with our dad was peaceful and memorable.
Thank you.

Connie Fabrizio for Guy Fabrizio
September 28, 2018

Our family will forever be grateful to the staff at Maher Funeral Home for their care and compassion in handling the arrangements for our unexpected loss. Phillip, Uncle Bob, and the entire staff treated us as their family and made us feel totally at home.

They handled many extra details and put a rush on everything to accommodate our out-of-town family. Phillip and Uncle Bob were very adept at dealing with multiple unexpected problems. Their people skills are truly outstanding.

We highly recommend these wonderful people and their beautiful facility to others in their time of need.

Family of Gary Myers
July 28, 2018

I wish I could give this place more stars because they absolutely deserve them! This place is warm, friendly and absolutely the most giving place I have ever had to deal with. They treated us like family the minute we walked in. The place is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. They do a great job putting the home BACK into funeral HOME. The staff there and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was amazing, sweet and jumped up any time we needed anything. You guys honestly ROCK. We had to have a service for our young sister at the age of 23, they made her look beautiful to the hair the make up and clothes. I could go on and on about everything, but to be honest these people treat you like family and that is the best part. From the bottom of our hearts we couldn't thank you enough. They knew the best pastor to speak for her too. Him speaking, everyone listened because he was REAL. With real life experiences that matched our families and he spoke from the heart. Every single one of you have touched our hearts in a unbelievably amazing way. Thank you so so much!

Lia Pierce
July 9, 2018

My name is Melissa Legacy , and on June , 22 , 2018 I experienced the most horrible day of my life. My 3 children and myself lost the most important person in our lives. My fiancé of 11 years and their father who has been there every day Of their lives . His name was Nick. Nick was only 38 years old . He passed completely unexpected and it is still a total shock. Never having been through a tragic event of this nature I began making the necessary phone calls. Nicks mother and I came across Maher Funeral Home in Tinley Park. So we went in to speak with the director. From the moment I walked in the door I was greeted with compassion and with all the grief and hurt on my heart Ifelt a sense of knowing this was the place I wanted to say goodbye with our family and dearest friends. Phil is an unbelievable person. In a time of need he worked with us in every aspect with no hesitation no questions asked . The staff Bob, Allen, and Diane remarkable. They made me feel like family . I truly mean these words from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t know them before I walked through those doors , but I walked out that evening feeling like I had family. We hope these tragic times don’t happen , but unfortunately they do and if I ever had to do this again I would be right back there at Maher Funeral Home and I wouldn’t change a thing.💖💖💖💖💖.

Melissa Legacy
July 5, 2018

Planning final arrangements is a difficult task. My initial inquiry was received by Bob Maher. After speaking with him for just a short time, it was clear that I was making the right choice with Maher Funeral Home. “Uncle Bob” took special care in showing me the entire facility as we plan the final arrangements for my father. I’m comfortable knowing that all of the details have been addressed to preserve the dignity of my father as he passes with a graceful visitation and


Marc Sullivan
June 27, 2018

This is what great communities are made of,

Yesterday, I requested some assistance from my family, friends & local community members in hopes of identifying some resources in the burial of a 21 year old young woman who was tragically found deceased outside the residence of 7059 S. Talman on June 16th, 2018. Sadly, her death received no media coverage and her cause of death is undetermined. I did not know Andrea or her family but when I heard her story, I felt compelled to somehow attempt to offer some sort of support. Andrea had recently lost her father, her mother battling some medical issues and had fallen on some very difficult times. If you glanced at her social media account, you'd never know the very heavy cross that this beautiful young lady & her siblings had carried.
A loss of this magnitude always hitting so very close to home that I knew I had to get involved somehow.
I requested that community members share any non-for-profit foundations, organizations, etc that may offer financial support in burying this young lady. A GOFUNDME account was set up with very little money donated as her older sister plead for any help in the burial of her little sister. I appreciate all of the comments by members sharing various organizations, sharing of GOFUNDME link and the handful of donations received tallying a total of $200. Sadly, that was not enough. I prayed and God answered.
Last night, I received a private message from the owner of Maher Funeral Home in Tinley Park, IL. who so graciously offered to assist the family.
Thank you Phillip A. Maher for opening your heart to a family in need. God bless you.
Rest in Peace Andrea
“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”
– Mother Teresa

Ter Bear-Editor 19th Ward News
June 24, 2018

It has been indeed a trying time but everyone at Maher (especially Phil, Allan, Uncle Bob & Julia) were very helpful. They were very accommodating and attentive to all of our needs. The preparations done for the viewing and the funeral mass were wonderful. Even all of the amenities were at our disposal. The whole place was clean and organized. Our family greatly appreciates the help of Maher Funeral Home for giving our dad an amazing send-off.

Baste Family
June 22, 2018

In the most difficult time of our lives, having to make funeral arrangements for my husband Mark Kranz, Phil, Robert & Allan were wonderful. The arrangements were made without any problems and the viewing was absolutely amazing. Mark even looked like Mark!!! Everything was smooth and you helped control the sadness that is created at this time. I will be forever grateful to your whole staff for making a sad situation be so amazing.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I am sure Mark would have been impressed.

Rose Kranz

The Kranz Family Rose, Jeremy, Katie & Lily
June 8, 2018

A few weeks ago, we, with the help of the Maher family, buried my father, Billy Spellman (or Liam 134 - the 134 an indication of the pride he took in his life’s work).

The night before meeting at the funeral home to make the arrangements, I was nearly sick with worry about the toll that act alone might take on our mother, a woman fighting her own battle with cancer. With great relief, I can say that Phil and family could not have made that process any easier on her (and all).

Combining the appropriate respect for our grief and a welcoming good nature, the Maher’s could not have been more accommodating - from providing our mother with a place to rest when needed, to preparing the picture slide show with accompanying music we simply needed to send their way, to allowing any request we made in order to send my father off in manner befitting his unique personality and life.

Our’s is one of those outsized (in number and personality) South Side Irish families that has waked dozens of our own at funeral homes around the city, but the Maher’s and their facility in Tinley Park - from the accounts of more than I can possibly recall that took the time to comment on what they witnessed - have created a truly special environment that has earned both our admiration and loyalty.

Thank you so very much Phil and the Maher family.

Sean (son of THE man).

Sean Spellman
February 14, 2018

Thank you one and all for the compassion, love and most of all the family feel you offered to our family through this most difficult time. We so much appreciate all of your support in helping make Bob's final departure this earth with dignity and grace. Much Love, Kathie, Dan and Jamie.

Kathie Marting
February 1, 2018

Dear Mr. Maher and Staff
There just are no words to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for what you did for my brother David, his children, my father and all of his siblings. You blessed our family and David with a beautiful, dignified funeral that we could never have done for him, without you and your staff.
God used you to answer our prayers. I have told the story of your kindness many times already. The first reply of everyone is "What an amazing God Thing". There would be no blessing or amazing story without the Maher Funeral Home. All I can say is Thank you Thank you. God bless you, your family and your business. Forever touched, Cliff and Jill Willis.

Jill Willis
January 12, 2018

Dear Mr. Maher and all those that put their heart and soul into the funeral for my son David. There are not enough words to adequately express my deep appreciation to you all for the beautiful and very personal funeral that you made possible for my son and the family. Thank you for the miracle. All of you that helped were so very kind and gracious to everyone. Everything was so very professional and yet very caring and loving. God Bless you all.
Pastor and Mrs. C.W. Fisk.

Pastor C.W. Fisk
January 3, 2018

Dear Phillip,
Thank you for caring so deeply for us when our Robert crossed your path. You embraced us with arms wide open. You are hard working, generous, joyful and compassionate. And for all of this we are eternally grateful. Wishing you continued success. Kathleen, Beth, Kevin, Bridge, Michael, Joe and Arielle

Kathleen Walsh
December 19, 2017

Phil and Bob,
Although most people don't dwell on the subject, we understand, death is inevitable. The finality of losing someone we love, forever, can be an overwhelming challenge emotionally. From the moment we first contacted Maher Funeral Home, Phil, Bob and Alan personified the virtues of patience and kindness. Your compassion and attention to every detail of Kevin’s service allowed us time to grieve, secure in the knowledge that our concerns were understood and in capable hands. Your empathy was genuine, and will forever be of comfort to us while we keep Kevin in our thoughts and prayers. Words cannot adequately express how much your caring spirit made a difference.


Jim and Nancy Erickson
December 18, 2017

Phil, Uncle Bob & Alan,
Thank you for helping us provide a beautiful tribute for my Mother Suzanne Roberts. It is rare to experience an organization so thoroughly dedicated to providing the level of quality and dedication that your team has achieved. Recognizing the needs of a family suffering the death of a loved one requires a committed team such as yours. As we have discussed before, from the moment I entered your offices, I was treated with respect and knew that I had selected a team of professionals. In such a short period of time, I was made to feel part of your family. Your guidance and support will be communicated with my family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
Maj. Wiley Roberts

Major Wiley Roberts
December 7, 2017

Thank you so much for all the ways you helped us and our family to be able to say Good-Bye to our beloved Roger! We have been blessed to have you in our lives!
Thank you,
Judy & Marty Krause, Michelle & John.

Judy A. Krause
December 2, 2017

Phil & Uncle Bob, Every detail of Bill's services were handled beautifully. The Military Service was unexpected, but so greatly appreciated and I know Bill would have been so very proud. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for all of it. Thank you so much for the generous donation of the Patriot Urn. It was beautiful and your kindness and thoughtfulness is appreciated more than words can say. I cannot "Thank You" enough for your compassion and caring throughout this difficult time. We felt as though we were working with family.

June Burke
November 7, 2017

My family and I would like to thank you for my sister Mallory's Service. It was so much more than we ever expected. The kindness from you and your staff is by for the most appreciated. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Brittany Green
September 22, 2017

A family, that wishes to remain anonymous to respect their son's privacy, asked that we share these thoughts on their recent experience with Maher Funeral Home. We are honored and humbled to do so:
"More and more families have members with special needs. Managing your own grief as a parent is compounded by making sure your child's needs are met.
My son is on the Autism spectrum.
Your funeral home was a wonderful place for my son to say goodbye to his loved one. He could go into the viewing room as he was comfortable then go back to the separate family room to spend time with his cousins.
He used the bedroom for quiet time- the environment was soothing for him. He was able to mourn with his family without special accommodations.
I know that other Funeral homes would not have been able to provide this, as their facilities are set up differently.
My son was also comforted that he was able to meet you (Phil) and your Uncle (Robert), interact with you and confirm you were the ones that were taking care of his loved one before burial- this was important to him.
Thank you for giving us this gift."

May 1, 2017

Dealing with a death of a loved one is hard. You are emotionally drained and physically exhausted and now you have to make arrangements to say goodbye to your beloved in a way that honors them but also is financially reasonable.

It was 23 years ago that Phil was just starting out in the business when my mother passed and Phil provided wonderful emotional support and McGannns funeral home provided the personal touch that is needed during this time of mourning. But in 23 years the business of death has changed, it has become a commodity business ran by corporations.

I am so grateful that Phil and his family decided to open up Maher Funeral Home. They provide an individualized service and hold your hand (literally at times) to help you through this process. It is not a business but a calling and you can feel it in every detail of the funeral home.

Thank you Phil and Uncle Bob in supporting our family and providing my father with the send off he deserved. You have provided a wonderful setting to comfort one another and say goodbye.

Thank you
Bridget Byron.

Bridget Byron
April 28, 2017

Phil I would like to thank you and your entire staff at the Maher Funeral Services for the excellence care that was given to our family. Clara services were above and beyond my family expectations. I would like to commend you and all that were involved in making our sister Clara services so beautiful. I love that the funeral home was light and airy and even though it was a sad occasion we felt happy and at peace when I entered to view Clara. Phil I felt like we were the only clients that you had because of the constant emails and phone call that I got everyday regarding the arrangement for our sister Clara.
I am happy that we entrusted the care of our sister Clara into the care of Maher Funeral Services.
Thank you
Patricia Jones, Eddie Jones and Tangya Jones-Cervantes

Patricia Jones
April 12, 2017

I cannot thank Phil Maher enough for handling the arrangements for my sister's cremation. He took our difficult and chaotic situation and gave my family and I peace of mind and assurance. I even got a personal phone call from Phil letting me know that everything was taken care of. What a wonderful company and man. Thank you Phil Maher for your kindness and help

Dawm McPartland
April 10, 2017

Phil and Uncle Bob were awesome (owners operators) Their attention to detail was top notch...I don't think anyone could have done a better job. The layout of their facility is quite conducive to what we needed for our situation..The whole Vibe they have going on made us comfortable and able to give our friends and family and my Dad a very Dignified Service.......They made our wishes for this Parting of my Father memorable in a really passionate manner....I Have Nothing But Praise For Everyone at Maher Funeral Home THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP PHIL AND UNCLE BOB Kenny Wrzesinski P.S. I totally recommend using their services and facility in your time of sorrow !!! The VIBE here will be appreciated

Kenny Wrzesinski
January 18, 2017

While this Holiday season is going to be one of the most difficult for me, I cannot imagine what it would have been like had I not had the Maher family back in May when I lost my son. Phil and his entire family took care of everything for me and in the most compassionate and professional manner anyone could expect. I want to thank Phil, Uncle Bob and everyone else at Maher Funeral Home for everything they did for me but more importantly for everything they did for Matt. You guys are a real blessing and it felt like family was taking care of Matt. Thank you.

December 15, 2016

October 13, 2016 is the one anniversary of our beloved Betty Rivas. The news of her passing came unexpected, we were devastated and had no idea what the next steps would be. After calling various funeral homes in the area, it felt like business transactions across the board. Then we found Maher, they were a true blessing to our family during a difficult time. Philip and staff are amazing, we felt comfortable and had piece of mind throughout the planning process. They delivered excellent service, affordable options and a gorgeous setting. I could not have done it without them. Thank you Maher Family

Carmen Rivas
October 1, 2016

It was the most pleasant and welcoming experience I have ever had. My friends father passed away and was laid out there the family could not stop talking about how wonderful and welcoming their experience was as well. They were so grateful for the hassle free experience and the warmth and compassion they experienced in their bereavement

Marye Greenys
September 27, 2016

Could never say enough about the outstanding service. Very compassionate and helpful. Extremely clean, everything professionally handled making our loss feel in good hands from start to finish. Would highly recommend this beautiful funeral home. Well done Phil and Uncle Bob.

Thomas Wydra
June 29, 2016

Our family met Phil Maher on May 5th, 2016, the day after my dear daughter passed away. Phil was favorably recommend to us by the family of a former teacher of his. The inside of Maher Funeral Home had an open, light and airy feel with an understated elegance and sophistication that was truly uplifting. During our time of need, Phil touched our hearts like family and cared for us like a dear friend. We were comforted by his compassion and sensed that he was following a much deeper calling that went beyond just fulfilling his funeral director responsibilities. We felt that Phil and the uplifting atmosphere at the funeral home had made our dear Bridget's spirit feel safe, well cared for and at peace. Our family will forever feel greatful to him and his staff.-Mary Fagan

Mary Fagan
June 1, 2016

When a middle aged parent dies unexpectedly the last thing you want to do is talk business. Phillip Maher was contacted late on a Sunday night through a friend of an employee and immediately called us to talk arrangements and meet with us the next morning. Not only did he beat the pricing of other funeral homes but was very comforting to my siblings and I in our time of need.

The services were the most professional I've seen and there was so much room. There were 2 huge kitchens and a comfortable room where we were able to take turns watching our young children that were there all day.

Thank you to Phillip ad Robert for your immediate attention and compassionate care and for all of the details like the picture cd, the care of our flowers and posters and making sure everything was perfect. I hope not to lose another loved one any time soon but would definitely give you our business again.

Julie Cullotta
April 1, 2016

By my request, Phil reached out to me through a family friend regarding the death of my mother. I am very glad he did. Phil was very accommodating and really went the extra mile to make sure my family had everything we needed during our very difficult time. The funeral home is very clean and modern. I cannot tell you how many people complimented us on the place and said that this is the nicest funeral home they've ever been to. The services went off flawlessly and I think my mom would have been proud.
The Mahers went above and beyond their services and I am forever grateful that we chose them. I would definitely recommend them.
Thank you to all of the Mahers and Joan for helping us.

Lisa Scola
March 29, 2016

Would like to give big praise and a thank you to Phillip A. Maher at Maher Funeral Home. I had a patient who was a homeless veteran who had no family or anyone to arrange burial. He was a combat Vietnam Veteran. He would of been sent to the morgue and I'm sorry no one should be sent there, especially a Veteran. Phil agreed to give this man a proper soldier burial, that he deserved. Phil you are a true godsend & there's a special place in Heaven for ppl like you. Thank you again. Please remember Maher Funeral Home for your loved ones, they are truly a class act!! God bless our Veterans & the ones who stand by them & give them the respect they deserve.

Mary Therese Hickey
February 10, 2016

My brother passed away at 42 years old on 1-23-16 and I called Phil Maher right away. He was great from the moment I called, to picking my brother up, to the very end of his services. Maher Funeral Home is the most beautiful, comfortable funeral home I have ever been in. My brother looked wonderful, they really did a fantastic job with him and with everything else we asked or needed. I couldn't be happier to spend the last 2 days grieving for my brother on the hardest days of my life knowing he was well taken care of and I know in my heart that my big brother was smiling down on me and my family! Cudos to u, Phil Maher and Maher Funeral Home!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jenny Evans
January 28, 2016

We just wanted to extend a great big thank you from the entire Alonzo-Rivera family to the Maher Funeral Home. We will never be able to thank you enough for the help you gave us in our time of need. We know our father would have been so honored to be waked at such a beautiful facility. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Alonzo-Rivera Family
December 12, 2015

Words cannot express the gratitude for the way you took care of my father in law Leo Cuthbert. From the moment we came into your office you had been so professional, caring and you took care of absolutely everything for us. We can never thank you enough for being so supportive through the most difficult time for our family. You and your staff are amazing. I wish you great success.

Donna Cuthbert

Donna Cuthbert
November 23, 2015

Dear Phil - Words cannot fully express how thankful and grateful I am for all that you did to help us honor Steve's memory. The kindness, respect, undivided personal attention and professional services you provided far exceeded expectations and are a true testament of your values and dedication. You went above and beyond to meet every want and need. This, along with the sincere warmth you always extended and the comfortable surroundings truly helped make a very difficult time easier. Our community is very fortunate to have you among its business owners. I wish you great success and will highly recommend your services without hesitation. Thank you so very much for all that you did to give us such a wonderful memory and tribute to Steve - Karen Charleston

Karen Charleston
November 20, 2015

Dear Phil, I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you from the Morfoot family on your hard work and exceptional service in taking care of the final preparations for our mom, Sue. Your kindness and sincerity in a time of need is a gift. We wish you enormous success with your new location. Thank you.

Dr. Joseph Morfoot
November 8, 2015

Thank you for going the extra mile. My Mother could not talking about your kindness during this challenging time. The service was beyond everyone's expectations and a memory that will live forever. I am so glad to have you help us. Wishing you the very best. Advocate for life, Ron Olson.

Ronald R. Olson
August 25, 2015

Dear Mr. Hoffman, I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness in coming to Hanover Place last Friday to notarize our document. My mom was very relieved that we finally had it done, so that peace of mind means a lot. My caregiver said it was a meaningful date for you, so I appreciate it all the more under the circumstances. Deepest thanks, Jackie Strasser

Jackie Strasser

Phil, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your kindness and for making such a difficult journey a little easier.

Jeanne & Mark

Phil, thank you for all your effort and assistance with our families wishes. We all appreciate your time and guidance. Sincerely, The Dolan Family.

The Dolan Family

Mr Maher....Thanks again for all your help. Pastor Krogh was excellent...the services at the funeral home and at the cemetery were beautiful and he was able to weave their "story" into everything quite well...we were very pleased with everything. We thanked Pastor that day but please pass along our gratitude again when you see him. Our little Lucy had a beautiful day ..complete with precisely timed raindrops (tears from heaven).

Debbie Izzo

Phil, I just wanted to thank you again for the superb services you provided for my Mom's wake and funeral. My sisters and I appreciate everything you did to make her ceremony so nice.

Mary Beth Seymour Knor

Phil, words can never express the gratitude my family has for you. A few years ago you cared for our sister with dignity and respect. More recently you have provided that same care to our dad. You prepared everything for us. You helped us make choices when we were indecisive and you managed to cover every detail. It takes an extraordinary person to do what you do and I believe there is a special place in heaven for you.

The Ron Baker Family

Dear Phil, Thank you so very much for your professionalism, kindness and thoughtfulness throughuout the past week with my dad's wake and funeral. It turned out to be such a wonderful tribute. We are so grateful that you made such a difficult situation seamless. Thanks so much. The Phillips Family.

Chrissy Phillips Mitchell

Phil, we just wanted to say thank you very much for being such a support to our family while grieving the loss of our Dad. We couldn't have got through this arduous journey without you. Many Thanks. Erin Senese and Sara McGann.

Erin Phillips Senese

Phil, on behalf of the parish community if St. George parish, thank you for your recent ad in our parish directory and we appreciate your support. Scott Schultz.

Scott Schultz St. George Parish

Dear Phil, my family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful funeral you provided for my Dad. To day that you went above and beyond is an understatement. Without question we will highly recommend your services to family and friends.-Mary,Candace and Gina Coglianese.

Candace Coglianese
17101 71st Ave
| Tinley Park, IL 60477
Tel: 708 781-9212
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